SourceBoost IDE is a modern development environment to develop code for the Microchip(PIC) and Scenix(SX) processors. It includes C, C++ and Pascal compilers (including the next generation C compiler BoostC).  SourceBoost IDE was designed to be easy to work with.
Introducing a NEW Product from Softlog Systems
Softlog Systems product line is concentrated on production quality in-circuit programmers and semi-custom compact final test machines for mid and high volume production that includes: ICP2, ICP2-GANG, ICP2-STA
Discovering PICs is a 12-chapter course that takes a beginner from the basics to a completed PIC based projects.  It comes with a printed book, CD ROM, and PCB for the Wave Wand project. 
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Introducing a CodeVision AVR from HP Info Tech
Codevsion AVR is aHigh Performance C Compiler with Integrated Development Environment, Automatic Program Generator and In-System Programmer for the Atmel AVR family of microcontrollers.
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